In the gif below is some of the work I did for Killers and Thieves (developed by Candle & Key, published by Stoic, now available on Steam) under the supervision of Alex Thomas (The Banner Saga). I painted the portraits in these shots, over supplied bodies/contextual information, to generate additional character configurations in the game. PermaDeath marries the age old tradition of opera with the modern invention of video games. In five weeks, 21 artists collaborated to generate the visual development of the opera, artwork which will then be modeled and animated by students of Becker College. I led a team of six other artists to reimagine three Greek mythological figures: Apollo, Artemis, and Adonis. While I had a hand in designing all three, I was mainly responsible for Artemis as well as the weapons for each character.

You can view the portfolio of our work here:
Apollo sketches in the weapon design below were done by Peggy Shi. A redesign of Robin Hood in which she and her Merry Men run a seedy gambling house to con the rich out of their money to redistribute to the poor.