HIGH SEAS tells the story of Mila, a 17-year-old girl, whose heart condition prevents her from diving in a world that has been almost completely overtaken by the ocean. When her parents leave her behind to investigate why the earth is continuing to flood, Mila impulsively embarks on a voyage—with her little sister Oona and the guidance of a sextant with its magical mirror—to find the mythical diving brig that would allow her to beat her parents to the bottom of the sea.

HIGH SEAS is a 2D animated cartoon about accepting your shortcomings and carving your own path in the world. Below you’ll find our 11-minute animatic as well as some of the visual development work that was done in creating our characters and their world. This project was done in collaboration with my classmates CJ Walker and Veronica Liu.
The gifs below are from our cinematic trailer, each shot a collaboration between the three of us. Veronica worked as our animator, while CJ and I did secondary animations, effects animations, backgrounds, clean up, and coloring. Characters were drawn by Veronica, inked by me, and colored by CJ, though, as you’ll see below, the design process was very much a joint effort. Color keys I did for a cinematic trailer painted over Veronica’s storyboards.